Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Night cap

Vodka and orange; 

Put into to tangent 
Adjacent tangerine 
Like siler

So many different mes
5,10, 15 and 20 me 
The ages of me when I felt
Like mental victory was attained

Now maintained is a life mundane
Why don't we just be who we want
Rather than slave on the brain

Sloth everyone's favorite sin
At least it's mine
The kind of shit that never will end
And I'm in one; at least
I'd like to be I got emotion 
Pouring out like faucetry 

Like why am I not what u thought I would be
When I was 15 talking about
Where we'd be in 2013 
Then you understand that 
The work you put in you get out
And you find out how loud life can shout 

Every other day I make a stand
Just to fall back down and make amends
With demons they never leaving
They're in my soul
Who put em there I guess
I did when I stopped holding control

And it festures
A gesture is lost in the move
Mind torn a back 
And I feel like I'm about to lose
Like I can wake up when I want when I want
No alarm but then evil patterns start and 
And I'm back to causing harm

Like I didn't want tune just spend  
Some time writing out the feelings that alcohol provides 
Now I speak my mind
And flow in 
And out of the cracks 
Of the the shack
That use to be clean
Man diamond in the back
Daddy's caddy was the ride 
That set the stage what you want
To be better than just my age but man
I'm stuck in the mudd
Like withering leaves in October 
Just before the kids masks
Get shipped from over seas 
But I digress
I'm stressed
I'm less than I thought id be nigga
Confess the rest of what i Aughtta be 
Paid and made money in
My bank 
Laid and wait for the sunny sunset

But the words I here defeat me
Repeat thee I can do as long
As I will lead me

Don't listen to yourself but believe
In your heart
Let what needs to happen commence
And you'll see yourpart

No filter 

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